My name is Iris and I´m the owner of PIETenKEES. PIETenKEES is named after the infamous and endearing Dutch elderly twin brothers Piet and Kees who used to live across the street from my family home.

I now live and work in the city of Amsterdam. Working with acrylic paint, gouache, fabric as well as digital programs such as Photoshop. Combining both digital and traditional media works best for me. Somehow I always end up drawing women and animals. But doing something outside of my comfort zone is a fun challenge I enjoy. I get my inspiration from the little things around me: color combinations on an old shed, beautiful shapes in nature, a striking person. The world is a beautiful place right?

When I told my mum as a four-year-old that I wanted to become an artist, fate was determined. Ha no it didn’t really go that way, I did say that I was going to become an artist but I finally graduated as an educationalist (orthopedagoog). So something completely different, but my love for art remained and always painted and drawn alongside my studies. PIETenKEES is a result of that love.

Both commissioned work and working on my personal projects are things I enjoy so much. My shop can be found  here. It´s filled with personal work and projects from the last couple of years. Among other things I´ve done commissioned work for HEMA, Cotton+Steel and ELLEgirl. 

If you’re interested in commissions, wholesale, working together or have any questions please send me a messsage at winkelvanpietenkees@gmail.com. You can also find me on instagram @pietenkees.